Thursday, September 21, 2006

a grip on reality

Joys of the big city...crowded buses, expensive taxi’s, fast moving cars on the streets and people everywhere you look. This is true of many large cities in the world. In Kiev, my phone was stolen on a very crowded marshutka. (a public van) It was so crowded on the ride that day that people who were standing nearest the door had to get out of the van so others behind them could get off if they needed too. Most of the riders were standing because there were not enough seats for everyone.

I ran errands that day with Spencer. We were still trying to get everything sorted out with our visas. When we finally got back to the boat, I was going to text message Tim and Joy to let them know we needed additional funds to cover the new cost of the visas. That was when I discovered the phone was gone. I honestly did not want to believe that the phone was stolen. I believed that I had lost it. The rest of the time we were in Kiev, I kept searching various places in our room. I just knew that a monster inside the couch had eaten it or something.

Today I have to deal with the fact that it was indeed stolen. Lena told me that she heard from Judi H. about my phone. She decided to call it anyway. A man answered. She asked for me. He told here I was not available. This makes it official. The couch monster I was accusing didn’t eat it. I didn’t lose it in our room. It was swiped from my pocket on the marshutka.

Lena asked me if I was sad. I said yes. I felt out of touch with the world around me. I couldn’t send anyone a text message or call to chat. I missed Judi, Lena, Erin and Joanie. These are the people I usually text message or talk to on the phone. I still cannot communicate with people unless I borrow a phone from Spencer, Tom or Nathan. Lena noticed that I was calling her from Nathan’s phone. She asked me if I was going to get a new one. I am. Right now, our passports are with Madina. She is getting us registered again in the city. Without a passport, I cannot get a new phone. Everything sold in Russia has to be registered. Even the small alarm clock Tom purchased last year is registered!


  1. Wah!! So sorry to hear about that, such a bummer.

  2. I am so sorry about the phone....I enjoyed the pictures. I LOVE the lingerie/yarn store pic...funny!