Thursday, September 07, 2006

Motion sickness

The motion of the boat is finally getting to Spencer and I. Last night the water was choppy and we both woke up not feeling well. Spencer has had problems with motion sickness since he was little, bless his heart, and he is really not feeling well right now.

Nathan, Spencer and I are spending the day out sightseeing and shopping for postcards and gifts. We are taking a break from the rolling and rocking of the boat. Right now we are at in an underground mall about three stories down in an internet cafe. Nathan is happy that he finally got to have a strawberry shake at McDonalds on the way over here. And we may end our time downtown with a stop at 31 Flavors... it is conveniently located right next to this cafe!

Last night Tom and I had dinner with the ladies instead of the guys. The guys went out to the soccer game. We enjoyed the evening with: Sauleah from Kazakstan, Jillian from America, Larissa from Ukraine and Nina from Russia. They laughingly call their apartment "IHOP". "International House of Prayer"! Sauleah speaks English, Russian and Kazak. Larissa speaks Russian and English. Nina speaks Russian and understands some English if you speak slowly. Jillian only speaks English. There were times when I translated for Jillian and times when Sauleah translated for Nina. The ladies are looking forward to going back to their respective countries and are seeking God's guidance on what to do when school is over.

This actually applies to all the students. They have invested six months learning about Addiction Behaviour Counseling. When school is over they have to put what they have learned into practice. Please keep them in your prayers.


  1. There are wristbands that help with seasickness - like sweatbands, but they put pressure on a point on your wrist that helps a lot. I used it on a cruise when I was pregnant, and couldn't take any medicine, and it really helped.

    Look how you are translating for people! That's great.

  2. maybe next time we can have something sent to us... there is nothing like that here in Ukraine or in Russia! Today both of us feel better. The water is not as choppy.

    I can translate a converstion... but I couldn't do a sermon. Maybe in a few more years! LOL