Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Let's try this again!

We went back over to the Consult today and were not successful in our quest. Yesterday we were told that we need photos, copies of our passports, bring dollars and to fill out the proper forms for each one of us.

I was not told how much to bring so I tried first thing this morning to go and get what I thought would be the correct amount. After three crowded marzhutkas passed us... the fourth one stopped and Spencer and I fought our way on. We got to the ATM that normally has dollars and it was out of money. We came back to meet Lena who was going to show us how to get back to the Consult and went with her. We tried 5 different ATM's in that part of the city and none of them had dollars either. At each bank we found we asked for dollars and because I was using my debit card and not a credit card no bank would give me a cash advance. Lena made some phone calls and we were advised to try an ATM downtown. So ATM number 6 works. But I don't have enough in my account so I need an internet cafe so I can make a transfer. I finally get all the funds that the first guy told us we needed and we went back to the consult. We were told to wait in line for a different office. Once in there we find out that our documents are in order but it will cost 200 dollars more than what I was originally told. So of course I need more dollars!!!

We came home and have to go back again tomorrow. Hopefully, our visas will get processed in time so that we will be able to make our train connection on the 15th.

We found dollars here in this mall:

oh and my cellphone was stolen. What a wonderful day!


  1. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Wow, sounds like you had fun today... I'm sorry you lost your cell phone.

  2. YIKES!! That is such a bummer. Hope things go more smoothly when you go back.