Monday, September 04, 2006


We went out sightseeing yesterday. The wireless internet connection was not working so I could not post about it. Here are some links to where we were:

Of course we have photos and we can post those in two weeks when we get home.

Spencer and I went over to the Russian Consult to get the Visa process started. We were all made to wait outside the building and only two or three people were let in at a time. We saw them interrogate a woman and then refuse to give her entry beyond the entrance to the building. She had a backpack on and they searched it and looked at all her documents. We were trying to listen through a double paned glass door and could not hear what was being said. When they brought her outside she would not stop interupting the man who was trying to explain to her where she needed to go. She left very angry. We went in and came out with no problems. We are grateful for all the prayers that are helping us make it through this process without incident.

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