Wednesday, September 06, 2006



We went in, the man checked over our paperwork and then gave us a reciept to take to the cashier. Spencer and I got excited when the man mistakenly told us it would be 500 dollars cheaper than the price he quoted yesterday. Both of us did well not reacting in his presence. The eagle eyed cashier caught the guys mistake and called him to come in and show us the correct price. He apologised; we paid and left. Nothing eventful to report.

Tonight we are scheduled to have dinner with the "boys" of the school here. There is a group of young men rooming together and they are going to prepare food for us. Tom and I are betting on pizza but we don't know for sure. On Monday we had dinner with Sharon from South Korea, Miga & her husband Bayassa from Mongolia. We had a Korean meal that Sharon cooked for us. It was wonderful. The conversation was fascinating mostly because South Korea and Mongolia don't speak the same language. Sharon speaks English and Korean. Miga speaks English, Mongolian and Russian. Bayassa only speaks Russian. You see during communist times there were some areas of Mongolia that were not allowed to speak their own language only Russian. If Sharon told us a story in English then Miga would translate for her husband into Russian. When Bayassa spoke to us then it had to be translated for Sharon by me or Miga.

After dinner on Monday Tom and I went for a walk by the river. We talked about the evening and he said the comment that really struck him that night was Sharon saying that she "didn't feel any cultural barrier with us" she felt "accepted and at at peace". Sharon has been a missionary for the past 12 years and has worked in Sri Lanka, Sweden, Australia, Switzerland, India and a few other counries I am most likely forgetting! She mentioned the need to continue to pray for North Korea and the spiritual oppression there. We talked about how amazing it was that Bayassa had three years of sobriety and found God through AA. He met Miga at his first Bible study... she showed him where the verses were because he had no idea how to look them up. They have been married for two years. In Mongolia there is a need for Al-Anon and Miga desires to see Al-Anon be as active in Mongolia as AA is. Please pray for all these dear people and the countries they represent. They are here in school specifically to learn about their own issues and how to help addicts/alcoholics and their families.

New words in Russian:

kachat= to rock
Loadka= boat
Sorit= to litter

New Words in Ukrainian:
sneezhnee= sale!
ploasha= square

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  1. I love that!

    Sneezhnee. I gotta be on the lookout for a good sneezhnee.