Friday, September 29, 2006

Day Trip Cancelled

Our church had a baptism scheduled today in the forest near a river. Spencer and I got up and got dressed and were over at the church precisely at 7:45am. We waited along with the others for about a half an hour. I was curious as to why the bus was not already there but I just thought that the bus was late. Around 8:20 the rain started to come down pretty hard.

Around 8:30 Volodya called us all into the church for a meeting. He told us that he had been calling all evening to find a replacement vehicle because the bus we originally scheduled broke down. Late last night he found another vehicle. The driver arrived at the church at 7am and called Volodya to let him know he was there. At 7:30am Volodya went over to the church and the driver was not there. Volodya called to find out what had happened. He found out that our driver had a heart attack. He tried to find a replacement driver all morning with no luck.

So our trip was cancelled. Please pray for the driver and for those who were going to be baptised. Some of the young people have parents who don't want them attending church. Nathan says that there was a debate last night at youth group about obeying parents. How long is that supposed to last and does it apply to all situations? If some of these young people were to obey their parents they would not be in church.

Sometimes people can be superstitious. I pray that noone takes this as a sign that they are not supposed to get baptised and go to church.

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