Friday, September 29, 2006

Lost marathon is over!

We finished season two last night. Tom and Nathan stayed awake to watch all the bonus material as well. We can hardly wait to see season three!

Spencer is over at Andrew's house. Tonight is Bill's birthday party but Tom and I couldn't make it. Today was a hard day for me. The weather is changing and when that happens my fibromyalgia acts up. Today the left side of my body was very achy. Tom said his knee hurt on Tuesday... aren't we a great pair? But, at least we can tell what the weather is going to do!

Nathan is at his youth group. He says that there are new people attending now. Which is good. I don't think Spencer will get involved with the youth until Nathan leaves. They try to give each other space when they can.

We got a phone call tonight asking us to attend a baptism in the forest tomorrow. We have to meet at church at 7:45am. It may be a little early for Tom and Nathan but I think Spencer and I will go. It would be good to get pictures and be part of the fellowship.

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