Saturday, September 02, 2006

peaceful view

Staying on a boat is one of the most peaceful things we have ever done.

The guys and I are all enjoying just watching the activity out on the river. We have seen fishermen in boats and fishermen standing on the shore across from us, boat tours, people on jet skis and other house boats.

We ventured out briefly today to get griven... Ukrainian currency. We did a bit of shopping at the market and then came home. We had a celebrity sighting. But our guide was so excited about seeing him that she could not remember his name. He is a famous Russian singer. When she remembers who he is I will write more about him!

We found one of the 17 McDonalds in the city. Spencer was excited to see it. I am sure we will frequent it while we are here.

There is a great view of a church across the river. The Monastary of the Caves is underneath it. We will visit that site when we get a chance. We also hope to see the place where they did all the forced baptisms many years ago. There are museums and botannical gardens as well as a zoological garden to see. Tomorrow we have a student coming to pick us up who will show us the city. Spencer and I will have our cameras ready!

We know tomorrow is a Sunday and we had every intention of going to visit a Calvary Chapel until we found out how long the serivce lasts.... 3 hours! Maybe next week???

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  1. What an experience! That is totally cool.