Thursday, May 24, 2007

Paris Hilton

She is always in the news... we have all seen her pose for the cameras. And yet how many of us take the time to pray for her and consider her spiritual condition.

I found an article here:

The story about Paris begins like this----> "Paris Hilton has turned to Buddhism in her ongoing campaign to avoid jail. And if that doesn't work she has a Christian Bible as well."

Just do a quick search on of Paris Hilton Bible and you will find a number of stories making fun of her desperate attempt to find some peace spiritually.

I don't know whether Ms. Hilton is a Christian, a Buddhist or what. I do know that she needs some guidance from a power greater than herself. My prayer for her and for all young people who are facing jail time or currently serving time in prison, is that God reveals Himself in an unmistakable way.

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