Thursday, May 26, 2005

Apartment Hunt

Lucky number 13…we pray the lift works on the day we decide to move in! We found an apartment we would like to buy. It is on the 13th floor. Ervand , Joyce, the realtor, Tom and myself viewed the apartment this morning. We were grateful Joyce came along to translate. The place is brand new. It is unfinished. We would get to do the final work on it to get it the way we want it. Everything we need is close by….supermarket, pharmacy, renoc, church, and the language school is not too far. We don’t mind the number 13. December 13th is the day we got married!

When we walked out of the apartment Tom and Joyce saw a man coming out of the supermarket with beer and bread. I saw someone going through the trash. We talked about this location being the place we are called to work. We could tell the addicts and the alcoholics were out getting there meals for the day. This location is near the sewer that Tom toured last year. He visited the sewer with Tim Watson and two men from Artika and discovered where as many as 1500 people live during the winter months and about 150 in the summer.

We pray now for guidance!

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  1. Anonymous1:04 PM

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