Monday, May 16, 2005

Cell Phone Day

Today Tom went out with his language helper Alexei M. to get cell phones. Americans are not allowed to buy cell phones in their own names here. Tom purchased tri-band phones for all of us. That means that when we are in the States we can convert them with a chip to make them work there. The cell phones had to be registered under Alexei's passport but the phone numbers were allowed to be registered under Tom's passport.

They seem to love documentation in this country. Tom bought a clock for about 6$ and it is registered to our home address and phone number.

We had visitors today... Nathan's friend Valentin stopped by ... he had been out job hunting. He stopped in to say 'preeviet' (Hi) and to get a cold drink of water. Our friends Lena and Alexei P. stopped by with a birthday gift for me and we also gave them water. It is humid here and most people walk pretty far to get wherever they are going.

Spencer and I walked to the market to get tonight's dinner. We went to the market we have been going to since we got here and it was gone. It is under renovation. Thank goodness Lena had told me about another market across the street. We were able to get what we needed. I will have to go out to the renoc (open air market) tomorrow for vegetables.

Thanks to everyone who emailed or called with birthday greetings!

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