Sunday, May 29, 2005

New View Students

South Carolina family has Southern California family over for dinner!

We had dinner with some students from the Language school. I met Jody and Melanie when I went over to New View to interview Ella to be our house helper. Jody just walked right up and introduced himself to me! Melanie found me just a few minutes later. Later that week she called and asked us to dinner. She wanted to know what food we were missing from the States. I told her Spencer was asking for fried chicken. She made fried chicken, macaroni & cheese, and homemade rolls! A truly southern meal.

My quest is over...they have shared their stash of peanut butter! Tom was so happy. Melanie says that her Mom sends weekly shipments. She gave me two pairs of jeans since she has lost weight and can't wear them anymore. I am grateful because two pair I brought with me are not fitting very well due to the 'walking everywhere you go in Russia' diet! Jody gave a pair to Nathan that are brand new! You can't really take things back that you buy from a renoc. Jody didn't try them on so he was stuck! Jody seemed excited about the boys getting their power converters. He is eager to play their Nintendo DS games and the Gameboy games too! He says he will most likely stay at our house too late... he doesn't know us yet. What is too late for the Sharps?

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