Thursday, May 12, 2005

Back on line

We are finally back on line! What a relief. The days seem to fly by and yet each day is filled to the brim with much activity. We walk a lot. We are right on the transportation lines so we can use the trolleybuses or the marshutka (mini vans). We can even take a quick walk up the hill to catch a tram-vi.

Today I went out with my language helper to find a wholesale yarn warehouse. We found a retail store first which was very modern like in the States. Then 2 hours later (walking of course) we found the warehouse. At the retail store I paid 42 rubles per skein of yarn. At the warehouse I paid 13 rubles per skein. When we found the store my helper, Lena, exclaimed "Slava Bogu" which means "Praise God!" we were both grateful our quest had come to an end. Now she wants to learn how to knit!

On Friday we attended a Russian ballet. Nathan went out with the youth group from church. He enjoyed it. He got invited to a holiday celebration for May 9th. It was the 60th Anniversary of Russia defeating Germany. He got to see the fireworks and the parade.

Saturday, May 7th we went shopping downtown on Krasnaya. Tom got stopped and asked for his documents. He has his head shaved and there was heightened security here looking for skinheads! So he stayed home on May 9th!

Our home is coming together. We are starting to look for permanent housing. And I will be able to write more often!

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