Saturday, May 14, 2005

pictures are up!

We had a great time at the party. We thought there would be English speakers there. No such luck. Glad I took the dictionary. They were too! Anastasia looked up jokester. She declared that her father Alexei and Tom were both jokesters. Tom had to look up submarine he was telling a story with that word in the punch line. The food was great and so was the fellowship. The baby was fun to watch. How do you entertain a Russian speaking baby? Noises work. Saying hello in Russian in a funny voice works. Babies are funny they just like being entertained. But mostly they want Mama. And that word is the same!

Tom gave away my 4th edition Big Book tonight. It was only a paper back version. It was actually exciting. The person who has it asked Tom to sign it. It may be the only copy in the city. I have two more copies coming in our boxes and Tom has his in transit as well. At least this one copy is now in the hands of a Russian speaker who will share (step 12) with others!

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