Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Shopping at the Renoc

Today Nathan and I went to the outdoor market. I needed to get kartoshka (potatoes). I walked around several times before I came upon the guy whose potatoes looked the best and were the best price. I asked him for "dva kilos kartoshoka" (about four pounds of potatoes). He nodded at me and said "harashow" (OK) He never took his cigarette out of his mouth. Cedric the Entertainer does a whole routine about old black mechanics who do this. But this guy was a weathered old Russian man. He stood up to weigh out the potatoes and he used the oldest scale I had ever seen. The kind you have to put a weight on for counterbalance. When he was done he closed the bag and handed it to me and said "skolka kartoshka?" and nodded to the sign... I guess he did not want to lean over to see how much the potatoes cost. I flipped the sign up for him and he told me it would cost 30 rubles. I knew that--they were 15 rubles per kilo! I handed him a 50 and he gave me my change. I thanked him and he said 'your welcome' in Russian & all the while the cigarette never left his mouth. I should email Cedric so he can add this to his act!

Nathan and I walked around a little more and found some broccoli and cauliflower. Then we went down to the supermarket and bought the rest of our groceries.

I took pictures of a marzshutka, the transportation center and the outside of the renoc. Nathan told me I would look like a spy if I took a picture inside there. I think I would just look like a tourist.

Tomorrow I am going to interview a house helper. I hope she is ready to clean up after the four of us plus the two dogs. OY!

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