Monday, May 23, 2005

New Words

Today we went out with Lena to exchange money. We were at the bank and when Spencer the shut the door it slammed shut! I got out my dictionary and looked up the word for door and then the word for loud. After that each time someone went out the door we all said "gromka" and laughed! Gromka is the word for loud.

We left the bank and went to a very large renoc where I found fresh vegetables and fruit but the meat shops were closed. Lena says that some people do not work on Monday.

Afterwards we rode home on the trolleybus. There was a petite woman driving it. As we got toward the end of the line she had to stop the bus and climb on top to repair it. It was fascinating to watch her shimmy up there. One day I will try to get a photo of that process. I did get a few photos today and after dinner I will get them posted!

Yesterday was Spencer's birthday and we had fun eating pizza and ice cream. He is enjoying his new digital camera. Hopefully, I will get a chance to post some of his photos one day. I kept trying to get him to take some pictures but he was "saving" them for something special!

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