Monday, May 30, 2005

Lesson One!

Lena came over today to officially start lessons with Nathan, Spencer and I. We met for two hours. We covered half of the alphabet, learning the correct way to pronounce the sounds, print them, write them in cursive and learn a word that began with them. We also learned some phrases. Since Lena does not speak much English we have to use the dictionary to communicate. It works out best to have someone teach you who cannot fully communicate in English. We are forced to learn the Russian words for what we want to say to get her to understand (paneemaj)!

Before she left she went into the bathroom. She has shopped with me enough to know that my favorite color is light green. Lime actually! Well, she came out of the bathroom beaming because I had found toilet paper in this color. She was estatic. She told us she had NEVER seen toilet paper that color! She taught us the Russian word for surprising "yoodivleno". It does not cost that much to buy colored toilet paper. Most stores just don't sell it.

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