Thursday, May 19, 2005

Quest for Peanut Butter

My quest for the day was peanut butter. I went out to a European Market called Tabris. I found tortillas, picante sauce, Paella, tomato sauce, frozen pizza, jelly, possibly ground beef… I used the word for beef and it looks like ground beef so hopefully it truly is ground beef. I even stocked up on yogurt. They had Dannon so it is the safe kind—with the good bacteria in it. Alas, no peanut butter. Someone gave us a jar when we moved in. It is imported from Canada. Tom is using it very sparingly. I did find Nutella. It is hazelnut and cocoa, I think. Last year it featured Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers on the front. This year no Kobe… Tabris has two more locations. I will try them to see if they have the elusive item I seek! Whoever thought hunting for peanut butter could be so exciting!!

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