Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Today's Outings

I got to start my morning with a phone call from Erin. She was on her way to bed! The 11 hour time difference is wonderful?! It was great to hear her voice. I had to get Nathan off the internet to get her call. He was not happy with me. Oh well. He can get on again in the morning.

I interviewed a house helper today. She says that she will be ok with the dogs. People are familiar with the breed Rotwieller. Spencer's dog. However, when I mention Border Collie no one seems to know what that is. We have been told he may be the first one in the city. We seem to be bringing several 'firsts' here with us! House help earns between 60-70 rubles an hour. That is roughly 2-2.50$ an hour. People work hard for not much money. Our budget included house help to support someone here. She has a husband and small child. I hope she works out. I will start her out at 2 days a week. I have also hired an art teacher for Nathan. She will also work two days a week. Now I have to find something for Spencer to do.

Spencer and I went out to Krasnaya Ploshad (Red Square) to shop today. I made out a list in Russian. I found everything I needed there except for eggs. We found insect repellent. It was the brand OFF. I was glad to recognize something! We finally purchased an ironing board. I kept dreading putting one in the taxi. But Spencer talked me into it. It will help to soften up our lined dried clothes! We don't own a washer or a dryer. Spencer does the wash in the bathtub and hangs it up to dry. He is doing a great job. We got everything into the taxi... I was able to summon the taxi with just a head nod because my hands were full. We took off down the street and not to far into our drive we saw a man on horseback galloping down the street!!! We all looked at each other and busted out laughing! When we came home and told Tom about it he wanted to know if the British were coming.... or perhaps the Cosacks?

I took photos of the way the street signs look to show the difference between Russian and English spelling. The trolleybus signs are where we catch the bus. Scrooge's is where we shop for small items. It has some grocery items but is not a complete grocery store. And Spencer says that Kosmostars ROCK!

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