Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Culture Lessons

Walking down the street here can be hazardous to your health. Last night Nathan was walking Domo and he found a needle that someone had just used to shoot up near a tree outside our gate. He’s smart enough to know not to touch it. I thought about all the little children that walk this way. The bus stops right outside our gate…. I know addicts don’t think about the “what ifs”. They shoot up and move on. Is there a deeper reason as to why it was right outside our gate? Are we being reminding by our Higher Power of why we are here? I can only wonder…and continue to pray for the addicts and alcoholics here in the city.

Lena is taking me to buy my ticket for Rome today at dva (2pm). She will be here right on time! Tom has a language lesson at tree (3pm) with Alexei M., the other day Alexei M. and Lena were here at the same time. Lena told me that they went to Bible school together. Before we left to go exchange money she asked him a few questions and he answered her partially in English. She told him in Russian that she didn’t understand… it was funny because Tom and I did. He used the phrase ‘phonetic sound’. Tom said he thought his Russian was really improving since he understood that phrase! Alexei hit himself on the head and answered her in Russian. He said he had been teaching a lot that day and was confused he forgot what language she spoke!

Spencer just handed me the recipe book his grandmother, Tadah, made for him. He opened it to the Hawaiian Banana Bread page. I guess that is what he and I will do when Ella is finished working today. I hate to get things dirty after she is finished cleaning. Everything looks and smells so wonderful! She told Tom that when she had a dog it had short hair. No shedding! We blame Domo, Mr. Border Collie sheds daily!

Two times we went to the Austrian Air office and both times we were told by the woman there that she was absolutely too busy to help us! That would not happen in the States. They are too concerned about Customer Service scores. At Sunflight Travel we tried to buy a ticket on Areoflot but the woman and Lena decided for me that I should not have a 7 hour lay over in the Moscow airport alone at night. The word she used translated in English literally to armour. She told Lena I would be "without armour for the night". So we have to wait for the Austrian Air lady to call us back. Lena said that is how business is done in Russia. OY!

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