Sunday, May 15, 2005

Happy birthday to Me

Today was a nice quiet day for me. Tom and Spencer went to church. Nathan stayed home and took care of the dogs and I slept in. Tom made lunch. I started working on knitting pair of brightly colored socks. I'm teaching myself all sorts of new tricks. I am using 3 double pointed needles to hold the stitches and 1 to knit with & knitting in the round. They will be tube socks (without a heel). I will learn that later!

Tom sent out a newsletter. It has our correct phone number in it. I gave Erin the wrong number ....she got to speak with some Russian woman yesterday. I think I've apologized at least twice for that. Oy! Maybe some brain cells were left over the North Pole as we flew here. Oh well... it won't be my last mistake.

It is 6:38 pm as I finish this up. Tom and Nathan are napping and Spencer is watching hockey in Russian on TV. This is life in Krasnodar!

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