Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Makes no sense to me

Some things about this country defy reason. If I want hot water in the kitchen I have to turn on the hot water in the bathroom. In the house we rented last year it was flipped around. The hot water source was in the kitchen. I am making an attempt at baking right now. Only heaven knows how it will turn out. The oven does not have a temperature gauge. I brought an oven thermometer with me from the States. I started with the oven being too hot, 400 degrees. Then I turned it down a hair and it went to 200. I was aiming for 325! Now, I get to baby sit the oven to watch my bread so it does not burn. The oven had to be re-lit! There is never a dull moment here.

Well, the bread was edible but it fell in the middle. I got a chance to talk with my mother in law. She suggested adding more flour and trying to bake it at a higher temperature... like 350. I knew Mom would have an answer. She had to make adjustments with recipes when she moved to New Mexico.

The bread never made it past the guys in the house. I should have made a double batch. I had enough strawberries. I will try again.

We had pizza and french fries for dinner. Then we watched The Forgotten. It was pretty good. I liked the movies we watched last night better. We saw Osama and The Final Cut. Osama is a foreign film with English subtitles. It is excellent! Final cut is the one with Robin Williams where he edits the films of peoples lives. Really good too!

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