Monday, July 30, 2007

Lena is back!

Monday July 30, 2007

She was in Maicop helping her inlaws with remodeling their home. I saw her brother Slavik (see yesterday's post), her sister in law (married to Lena's other brother Vova) and her nieces soon after we got back but I did not see her until today. She called and didn't identify herself but I knew right away who she was... it is not easy to forget the voice of one's language helper. She has worked with us since we moved here in 2005. She had been in Maicop helping her inlaws with remodeling their home.

Her first questions were about whether or not we had practiced our Russian while we were away.

After inquiring about our study habits Lena asked if I wanted some Russian practice tonight and said that she and Alexei could come over at 7 pm. When they arrived they had lots of questions about our time in America and about Tom's surgery.

I had looked up the word for gall bladder..."shoalch-nee poozeer" so when they came over I was able to tell them exactly what type of surgery Tom needed.

Alexei thinks that Tom made a wise choice to stay in America for surgery. He believes that Tom would have been cut the old fashioned way and that the procedure could not be done laproscopically here in Russia.

Lena was especially excited that we have already renewed our visas and will not have our language studies interrupted by having to leave in September like we normally do. We won't have to leave the country again until January.

Lena is going back to college to get a degree in Finance. We won't find out until August what her school schedule will be like and how much or if she will still be able to work for us.

In other news for today: Tania, the director of our school called today and asked if I would look in on the new family with East-West. I was able to tell her that I already had! We made plans to take them to the mall tomorrow.

School will start either on the 2nd of August or Monday of next week. They teachers will meet on the 1st after a one month vacation to decide on the schedule and will call us to let us know when to show up!


  1. I admire the work you are doing and the excitement of meeting new and interesting people.

  2. Have been out of town... so glad to hear you've made your journey safe and sound. Sounds like things are returning to normal. Blessings.

  3. finally answered your tag!

  4. I am delighted that you visa is in place that can be such a hassle.
    I hop 'top' is recovering well.

  5. "Tom" hope oops :)