Saturday, July 28, 2007

stocking up!

Friday July 27, 2007

Today was grocery day! We had nothing left in the apartment. When we were finished with our shopping we had more than we could carry comfortably so Spencer asked if we could take a taxi home. Carrying groceries home on the bus is not my idea of excitement so we hailed a taxi!

The most exciting item we brought home from the supermarket is... tortillas! We don't normally find them in the store so I grabbed them up along with some avocados. I didn't get any meat for tacos, we will have to find that tomorrow.

Spencer got up early this morning and went over to the school to drop off our passports with Tania so that we could get registered here in Krasnodar. You have to be registered within three days of entering the country and each time you change cities you have to register in the new city. We registered in Moscow and now here in Krasnodar.

We topped off the day with a movie. We watched Premonition with Sandra Bullock. It was different. It takes a while to understand what is going on. Spencer thought it moved too slow. Tomorrow we will watch Astronaut Farmer with Billy Bob Thornton... we keep hearing great things about that one.

Both of us are still feeling jet lag. Hopefully, by next week we will both be at full speed!


  1. Glad to hear you're back safe! I've been reading your posts (RSS feed) but come out every once in a while to say "Hi". Okay, I've got a question... you're watching American movies. Are these ones that were brought from America, or are you getting them there? If there, are they in Russian or English. Since I've never traveled worldwide, I'm curious. You teach me a lot!:0) Blessings!

  2. the movie sounds good so do let us know if you like it . . .as for tortillas . . there are so many more things to do with it than just meat . .
    put some cheese in it = quesadilla
    put some scrambled eggs and whatever you like = breakfast burrito
    butter, cinnimon and sugar are a goodie, too
    I don't like it, but my hubby will make all sorts of 'wraps' with them as well.

  3. The things that we take for granted... I remember my husband looking for paper diapers and having to brave all the kiosks to get them.
    Russians don't just expect they do with what they can get.