Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Thursday July 12, 2007

As I was trying on a dress in Walmart on Wednesday, I felt a case of the giggles come on when I reflected back on one of my early experiences in Russia shopping at an outdoor market with my friend Melanie.

In Krasnodar we do have malls where you can try on clothes in a dressing room. But, the most common place for Russians to shop is in an outdoor market. Trying on clothes there is well... you can read about it here:

In case you are wondering, I did buy the dress in Walmart today, it was on clearance for two dollars, I bought one in black and one in tan! As a woman over 40 it is not appropriate for me to wear jeans in Russia as I have enjoyed doing here in the US.

I wear dresses or skirts almost everyday, even in the winter. I can get by with wearing my black slacks and truth be told I have gone out to the market in my blue jeans wearing a nice top, full makeup and my designer jewelry (made by Tom) to dress them up... but it is rare!


  1. Interesting, I never realized that it wasn't custom for women to wear jeans...or is it just not for the older generation? (hopefully that didn't come out wrong). :)

  2. there is a visible difference in how people dress and it is defined by mostly by age and marital status.

    Most of the women I have seen wearing jeans are college age.

  3. Interesting story about trying on clothes in Russia! I won't complain about small changing rooms ever again. :)
    ~ Thanks for stopping by my Caribbean blog. I'm afraid it made me change my mind about being a missionary - at least to a southern bug filled climate. :)

  4. Hey, I've tagged you for a meme. Well, possible for two, but you can choose one of two if you wish. Come on over!

  5. How interesting about the differences in clothing customs. I guess sometimes you just don't think about that kind of stuff.