Saturday, July 21, 2007

we made it!

Saturday July 21,2007
Spencer and I are in Moscow!

The city is still experiencing the "white nights" so the sun will most likely be up until about 10pm tonihgt!

We are tired, stinky and glad to be off the plane and not waiting in an airport somewhere!

I will write more tomorrow... thanks for all the prayers!


  1. Ah , jet lag...
    Hope you don't experience it!

  2. Anonymous7:21 PM

    I'm so glad you made it safely to Moscow! I miss you already. It's very quiet here without you & Spencer!

  3. Glad you made it safe and sound - so how many hours in flight and airports does it take to get to Russia? I know how difficult it is to have your family apart. I've been out of town and am trying to catch up on my blog reading. Enjoy your showers!

  4. Yay!! Glad you are safely in Moscow, I'm sure you will enjoy home sweet home.

  5. I am glad you made it back to Russia! I have been following your Blog, as well as Nathan's Blog since Nathan had replied to Josh's Blog he created for Japan, and I find them very interesting! It sounds to me like you are doing a very important work for the Lord! As one of my cousins said (she has 13 children, 2 sets of twins) that when our children are small - they "walk all over our laps, and when they become teenagers, they walk all over our hearts"! We need to know when to let them live their own lives, even if it is hard to do that! I think you are doing a good job of that!
    Miriam (Josh's Grandma)

  6. I'm glad your flight went well. I'm sure you enjoyed your furlough but I'm also sure it will be nice to get back to service.