Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Whose life is it anyway?

Wednesday July 11, 2007

Like a mother who so desperately wants the world to see her child shine as brightly as she sees him, I was concerned today about:
His hair
His clothes

I wondered... did he shower? brush his teeth? Would he make a good impression?

We rushed out the door to get him to his job interview, not stopping for me to run back in and get my sunglasses, knowing that it would have only taken a minute but believing that every second counted, we jumped in the car.

He asked me to drive.
Now was not the time for a driving lesson, neither one of us knew the way, we were trusting MapQuest not to fail us, praying that the time we allotted for the drive was enough.

He didn't ask me to worry.
He didn't expect me to take this interview more seriously than he did.

Watching him walk into the hotel where the interviews were being held, I saw his air of confidence. I sat waiting in the car with a Bible and a notebook. Reading, praying and watching the door.

Before this day I thought my mother was silly to worry about her adult children. How did I get from being a confident teen myself to being a silly fretting mom?

Today I saw that my fretting over Nathan is in vain.

He has the type of Godly self-confidence that I have admired in his father since the day we met. Over the years I used to think I had to worry for the both of us since Tom never seemed to.

Now, I can relax... and trust that God has it all under control. Tom and Nathan believe it. And so do I.


  1. "He has the type of Godly self-confidence that I have admired in his father since the day we met."

    How wonderful is that!!! You have raised him right.

  2. Why DO we worry so? Maybe because they're just boys - even as grown men, it seems they're boys at heart - which is exactly why they're so lovable. I always want everyone else to love my children and think they're as great as I do! So....how did the interview go???

  3. According to him "it was great!"

    He will find out on Thursday if they are going to hire him or not.

  4. Moms are so funny. We put so much energy into our children. I do believe God blesses all of our worring by showing us so often that yes he really does have things under control. You are funny.

  5. I truly enjoyed your writing in this post. I can only imagine your anxiety and your joy. You don't have to worry, but what a wonderful "mom moment"!

  6. I think having confidence in God is the best confidence to have :)

    Be blessed today and always.