Monday, July 23, 2007

what's it called again?

Monday July 23, 2007
Yesterday after attending Moscow Bible Church we went out looking for a crock pot. No success, we didn't see them in the store that was suggested to us.

So we had to ask.

"do you have a little machine that cooks slowly?"
"what is it called again?"
"I don't know what it is called in English it is called a crock pot"

"a crack pot?"

stifling a giggle I responded "no, a crock pot!"

We went out again today to a store called Stockman's and there I found a "slow cooker"!



  1. YAY!

    Cause you really can't live without your crack pot. ;-)

  2. That is so funny!

    And glad you got the crock pot. I'd be lost without mine.

  3. How funny!

    Josh's Grandma

  4. Not like the states at all, It is amazing how few a selection isn't it?