Sunday, September 11, 2005

Day after wedding day snooze

Spencer was the only one to get up at a mormal time today. Tom, Nathan and myself all woke up this afternoon around 4:30pm. So much for making it to church. I did clean up in the kitchen... a new housekeeper starts tomorrow and I did not want her to be scared away on the first day!

Ола is her name and yes she is the mom of the little girl whose party I posted pictures of. Olya speaks a little English but we both have to do the same thing for each other when we speak our native languages... SLOW DOWN! I don't always realize how fast I can talk. I know that Nathan does it but I didn't think I did it too! Anyhow, Olya and I agreed on a wage and a time for her to come over. She has my house keys which I was thinking of giving them to her anyway since she lives in the same building as us. She is in number 98 and we are number 8. It is an extremely large building!!!

She came over and got two loads of laundry and will bring it over tomorrow all dried and ready to be put away. Since school started those of us who thought we could get by without house help are learning fast the reality is we can't. I have to be in class and/or studying for 8 hours a day. I barely have time to shop and cook. I spend a lot of time just sitting on tram-vi's and trolley buses. I am grateful for my MP3 player so I can listen to my Russian lessons as I commute. Tonight I was away for almost 4 hours just going to the supermarket!

Tom finally found the time to get on the somputer and aswer some emails toinght. Thanks to those of you who were so patient.

Please pray for some dear friends of ours in Wichita, Kansas. Terri Cowley just had her father pass away on Saturday. He had been ill with pneumonia the final week of his life. Remember Terri and her family this week.

Make sure you check the photo blog for wedding photos!

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