Monday, September 26, 2005

How we spent our weekend

Saturday- We found a mall. Not just any old mall. Galleria Afina. Athena in English. It is an exquisite building. Marble, glass & the architecture on the outside reminds me of some of the buildings I saw in Rome.

We all found treasures at the mall. Books, sweaters, long sleeved shirts.... the only thing we did not find was McDonalds. However, the Baskin Robbins made up for that! It was great to find a familiar logo and taste the icecream again. Russian ice cream is good. Sometimes though we just want the tastes of home!

Tom found a fabric store on the way home and it had yarn and beads inside! Of course we went in. And it's a good thing too...

Because on Sunday...

Have you heard the one about the black woman who went to a conservative Baptist church dressed in lime green (shoes too) but did not have her head covered? .... Well, let's just say that she left church to go and crochet a head covering for next Sunday! Just in case someone noticed her. Tom says maybe they noticed me because of the camera around my neck... I am not convinced! It was their Thanksgiving. They had children dressed in costume and there were skits and poems, lots of songs. Children played violin and sang it was wonderful....

I had a translator. I sat on the side to take photos.
And this woman looked at me and said " do you speak English?" (In Russian)
I answered (In Russian) "yes I do."
"How can you understand what is going on? (In English.)
"I am studying Russian" (in Russian)
"would you like me to translate some things for you?"(in English)
Yes, that would be nice" (In Russian)

So if I had a confused look she translated for me! Which was great. There were 3 sermons. This seems to be typical in the Baptist services that we have been to. Our church will have two speakers normally. I was glad for the translator on the second speaker. It generated a bit of controversy. The speaker used the word "negro" he had been told if he used the word "black" it was derogatory. Because that word is used here to discriminate against the Chechen population. Chechens are darker skinned Russians. I was not offended by the word "negro" there is a sign downtown on a store called "niger sports" And it is most likely from the country Niger or Nigeria. The African population that I have met can tell I am not African. And the label African American is humerous to them. It was interesting that this sermon was on embracing those who are different from you and it was a Jewish man who was upset about one word that was not even directed at him!


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