Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Swan Lake

Tonight I saw my first ballet in Russia. I saw the Bolshoi Ballet in California. And they were great. But to watch the ballet here was incredible. The costumes and the sets were extravagant and magificent. The Swan Lake version we saw had a happy ending. Only the evil sorcerer dies and not the Prince. So the lovers can be together.... depending on where you see the ballet done or who the choreographer is will determine the ending. Judy B. had just seen it Kiev, Ukraine and the girl who turns into the Swan dies at the end. I wish I had photos to share but I don't; for once I obeyed the no photos rule. I did not want to embarrass Lena.

I took her with me. I had to explain to her "Tom neh loobit balet" he does not like the ballet! When I went to pick up Lena at her home Alexei was there with his friend Andrei and they were giving us a hard time about two zhenshinee going to the ballet alone! I told Lena that in America this is "narmalne!" no big deal! It happens all the time! When we got there we saw one of Tom's former students and his wife. Larissa is Ann's language helper. And so Stas was dragged along. Robert was telling me that Stas had not seen a ballet since he was ten. Stas had just asked me where Tom was. I told him the same thing I had told Lena about why I did not bring Tom. So Stas procalimed loudly "Yah neh loobit balet tozhe!" he does not like it either! Oh well so much for our night of culture... Jody looked like he was bored to tears... maybe because there was no car chase or wrastlin! He and Melanie cleared out very quickly when it was over. JB did not even come in with Iris we saw him later across the street and he said 'He was sorry he missed it'. I was not convinced. I didn't see how Patrick looked; I will ask Janet at school tomorrow.

I had a hard time concentrating during the second half. While in line for the bathroom Ann mentioned that the male lead had a 'Michael Jackson' thing going on! It was too true! It was hard to tell what gender this person was. If it was truly a man or a woman dressed as a man. Neh Iznaiyou. I don't know! I spent the second half wondering each time he appeared...

Nathan went to Nastia's 15th birthday party tonight. It was held at the church. They made pizzas and baked her a bithday cake. Again it was all girls and Nathan. Such is his life!

Spencer and Tom spent the evening studying at home.

More things are appearing around the apartment.... boxes are disappearing and it looks more and more like home each day!

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