Friday, September 16, 2005

Social project day!

Nathan got up and went to school and taught his 9 am English class. I was late to teach my 1 oclock class. Spencer worked at the Orphanage at 4pm playing games with the children and Tom was at the Rehab center by 1pm. Everyone had a full day.

I burned a CD for Valentin of the Wedding Preparations and the wedding. I will make them another soon; I left our kitchen photos on there! Who wants that?

Tom and Valentin went to the train station to purchase our tickets to Odessa. We will have to pack very light. One bag each! And that means backpack size!!!!

Lena's brother Slavic will stay at our house while we are gone. And Olya will still come to clean. What a great sister in law she is to him! It is great how people take care of one another here. I got a phone call from Lena to make sure that I got home safely. Spencer got a phone call from Tabby at the orphanage to check in on him as well.

Brownie is going to stay at Robert and Ann's house while we are gone. I hope she does well for them... They are missing their dog, Sadie. They saw her on a video call the other day and it made their day... of course they were excited to talk to their sons too!

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