Monday, September 12, 2005

monday, monday

Today is such a strange day. I typed out a full post and then it disappeared. Sometimes I can click on recover post and it all comes back. Not today. It has no intention of reappearing.

Lena was quite suprised to discover that she has an accent. I told her about my encounter on Friday. She thought it was very funny.

My taxi driver was from Houston, TX on Sunday night. He is here to spend time with his family before going back to work in America. It was wierd when he asked if I spoke English and what country I was from. He started to sing about America...

We had a new student come and visit from Canada today. We are hoping that Jody did not scare her away. He starting talking Southern to her... you know he says stuff like "you might could" and "wrastlin" Only today he was realllly pouring it on thick! Her name is Michele and she is 21. Hopefully, she will come back. Surely, Grand Prairie has a few people with a strange sense of humor like his!

Tom spoke with Kurt today about our trip this weekend. We are taking the bus to Odessa. It is cheaper and faster than the train. It is supposed to be a very beautiful city... right on the Black Sea. Maybe it will seem like home. Southern California gets to be very pleasant in the fall and spring! No smog...

Nathan has been buying movies this week from the guys at school. He is able to watch on his lap top with his head phones on. He likes being able to come home from school and unwind that way.

Spencer has arranged his room the way he wants and Brownie can go in his room and the hallway. Keeping her out of the living room and other bedrooms has cut down on the dog hair all over the house which is nice!

Our home smelled and looked wonderful when we came home from school today. I was able to write Olya a note in Russian telling her what I wanted done. She did everything and more. She even wrote out her hours on the note for me. I get practice writing in Russian by text messaging a friend. It helps me with grammar and adds to my vocabulary when I see what she writes. So I was glad that Olya could read my writing. We all just learned to write in Russian cursive a month ago!

I hope that you are enjoying the photos of the wedding. Tom thinks I may be asked to do more weddings while I am here. It won't be the death of me if I am. It will just be our wedding gift if that is what happens. This wedding gave me an experience I will treasure for a lifetime! Lena went through some of the photos with our family today. It took two hours to get through about half of what I took. When Sveta gets back from the honeymoon she can come and tell me what she likes and what she wants copies of!

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