Thursday, September 29, 2005

letters of invitation

Tania finally called yesterday to let us know that our letters of invitation had finally arrived. She is sending them to us by DHL. Our friend Judy B. says that DHL took about one week to get to Kiev... hopefully they will find their way to Odessa much faster!

We were so excited at the news we celebrated by going to the zoo! Our family has enjoyed spending afternoons at the zoo since Nathan was a little squirt! He knows the place so well he can identify many animals without reading the signs. And that is a good thing since these signs were written in either Russian or Ukrainian!

Nathan was very concerned over the health of some of the fish, the crocodile and the lion. We discussed the zoo's condition. It was a cross between the LA zoo and the Santa Ana zoo. If you have been to these places you know that the Santa Ana zoo is small and does not have much funding but it is clean! And the LA zoo is large but has lost animals in the past because of neglect. We don't know if neglect or lack of funds is the cause of the condition of the animals at the Odessa zoo. It is very very clean. The animals seem happy. The elephants were very happy. We watched them play for a long time. The parents were very protective of their baby even when he was playing with a metal rod that he found and the keepers were trying their best to get it away from him; the parents circled around the baby and would not let the keepers get close. They had to entice them all away with several loaves of bread.... and then the baby dropped the rod and a rake went in and the rod was swept out of the pen!

The lion needed a larger cage. His pacing was unnerving and his growl kept the other animals on edge. His roar.... well it shook the ground!

Tom watched the baboons for awhile and told us about his study in psycho-dynamics! Noone would dare eat until the leader ate. Noone made a move until the leader made a move.... Gang mentality was at work!

I took some video of a weasel... we have a friend we want to rib with it! We should not be so mean but we could not resist the chance to poke fun at a friend! He is still undergoing rabies shots... maybe we will celebrate the final round of shots with a gift CD!!!!!

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