Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Kartoshka and cir

Tom likes Ira. Ira has finally warmed up to Tom. This afternoon Olya stopped by to pick up our laundry. What a blessing to have a friend and housekeeper who lives 8 doors down! She was out walking and brought Ira by with her. Tom followed Ira into our kitchen I had just finished making meatloaf & mashed potatos with cheese. Ira loved it. She ate half a bowlful while Tom held her and drank some apple juice from a 'big cup'. She is such a sweetheart. Right now she can "govareet tolkah papa!" understand... she will only say daddy! Even in Russian it is a baby's first word!! Next she will likely say "DyahDyah" which is Uncle. I'm not sure about Olya. But, I know several guys around here who will be thrilled!

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