Friday, September 23, 2005

Rained in

Yesterday was a wonderful brisk autumn day! Today it is raining... So we are stuck inside. Nathan came up with a wonderful idea; he suggested that we wait out the rain at an internet cafe. That does make the rain easier to bear. Although I know when I leave here my umbrella may still be wet and the walk home will be awkward; the time here connecting with life on the other side of the world is worthwhile.

Nathan finally convinced Leta that he does like her cooking.... he just does not eat much. She served Nathan and I smaller portions today. Which was a great relief. It was not easy to put away all the food she wanted us to eat. We just keep telling her it is "ochen koosny" (very tasty) and patting our stomachs. Tom asks for seconds and the rest of us can slide away!

We had hoped to find the famous Ptomkin steps today, he is the writer who killed himself by walking down the steps and straight into the sea! But it will be better for photography if we do this on a day when it is not so dreary. Or maybe today would have been the right day given the subject matter!

It still looks like we are here until October.... We have not heard from Tania today. We think maybe she wanted the school to be quiet so she is holding onto our letters of invitation for awhile... I keep wondering what Tom and Spencer did to her while they were in her class!!!!!!

We did receive a text message from the Parkhomeko's last night. They were checking to make sure that Nathan had said "hello to Ukraine" for Lena!

We heard that Houston may be in for a hurricane and that gas prices are going up. It helps to keep things in perspective as we just sit here in a resort town waiting to go back to school and work... maybe we should accept the rest and recovery time we are being given and not be in such a hurry to get back.

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