Friday, September 09, 2005

The Day Before!

Tomorrow is Sveta and Valentin's BIG day. He is very nervous. I have not seen Sveta yet. She has been calm whenever I see her. Maybe, she just hides it well! We have to go over and decorate the church for the wedding. We need to decorate cars, the inside of the church and make sure the outside is clean too!

<=Tom is showing where the sink will go!

The kitchen still needs a few finishing touches...

Nathan and I went back over to the school we visited for September First today. He and I are going to be helping one of the fifth grade teachers. Her name is Tamara. (tu-mar-uh) And she has traveled more than we have! She taught Russian in Japan for two years. And she has been in Italy, Great Britian and the United States. She has been to Washington D.C. and I have not!

Yesterday I had a new experience. I was purchasing produce from a guy who had set up in front of the doughnut shop. (smart man) And as I was finishing up he asked me "Ukrainka?" I thought I heard him wrong so I repeated it "Ukrainka?" He said "Da, Ukrainka?" I smiled and simply said "nyet" He was asking me if I was from Ukraine! I hurried home as fast as I could because I was about to burst out laughing. I finally got home and told the story to Tom. You see Lena is from Ukraine. So we have Ukrainian ACCENTS!!!! She is our language helper and she is the one who corrects us when we speak! I remember Erin telling me a similar story this summer. She speaks Italian but with a Roman accent. Her Italian teacher in California noticed it when she was speaking with Erin after she had returned from Rome!

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