Thursday, September 08, 2005

What in the world?

Last night we were at a birthday party for a one year old... It was a blast! Ira (eera) can run, chatter and screech. She followed the big kids around like a pro. She has a friend, Anna, who is American and she is 2 and 1/2. Together they managed to set off someones car alarm, empty out a purse and unlock the front door! You have to move quick with fast thinking toddlers around.

Our friends showed us their home videos of a trip they took to Ukraine. They told us they were near the home Mike Tyson bought. There was a place where they could put on German military uniforms and pose for photos in a vintage German automobile. It was funny to see these Russian guys dressed up like Colonel Klink from Hogans Heroes. But, the hilarious part was when one of them put on the Mike Tyson mask and flashed a peace sign!

I am glad we had this cultural experience after we had been here long enough to understand what was being said. Otherwise we could have easily misinterpreted a lot last night!

The kitchen is coming together...the cabinets are in; all we need now is a sink and stove. (just a minor detail!)

We will have to leave here for about a week to renew our one year visas. No, we have not been here a year but our visas were issued a year ago and they have to be renewed. The government has granted the extension. So we can stay for the wedding on Saturday. We are planning to go to Odessa, Ukraine. It is supposed to be inexpensive and simple to take care of everything there. We saw photos of how beautiful it is which makes the decision easy to make!

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