Tuesday, September 20, 2005

in love with Ukraine!

Odessa,Ukraine is:
very western
has great shopping
good food

It seems like we are in a whole new country... oh, we are... this used to be a part of Russia before the fall of communism. But, Ukraine wants the dollars that the tourists bring in. When we make purchases we are paying taxes. It is worth it. Did I mention how clean it is here? I see why Lena is so proud to be from Ukraine. And why she wants to retain her Ukrainian passport. I would be proud too. Parts of California are not this clean!

We went shopping today. We found a store that is sort of like a Walmart it just does not have enough clothes to make it "just like a Walmart"; otherwise it has everything else a super Walmart has. We stocked up on needed items. Now we know we don't have to go to Italy or Budapest to find supplies!

The guys bought some very nice winter clothes at a store downtown. The sales girl even talked Nathan into some clothes that are not black... We started off looking at "tolka chornee" and slowly moved on to other colors he might "nravitsa" be pleased with! He now has some good quality and fashionable winter clothes due in part to them not being chosen by his mother but by a gorgeus & smart Ukrainian sales girl! Whatever works; I am just happy he tried them on and said yes! Spencer got two new jackets and went down a size! Tom even found something he was pleased with. Then she turned her charm on me! It would have worked but we had reached our spending limit! Darn that cash only!!!!! I will have to go back!

When we came out of the store we were across from the giant ceramic hamburger so we crossed the street and entered the submarine... so here we are in the internet cafe!

My friend Cathy L. from Kansas told me in an email that she and her husband had used a landmark in Africa that was a rock shaped like a hamburger... she said I brought back to her memory the times they turned at hamburger rock! It really is a small world Cathy.

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