Saturday, October 01, 2005

Gateway to Odessa

Yesterday we decided to be tourists. We went to the Potemkin steps. Potemkin was a famous Russian poet who decided to end it all one day by taking one final walk down these stairs and into the sea...

When you see my photos you will wonder why anyone would look at such a view and decided that life was not worth living. It is a mystery to me. I had to dress up for this trip because we were also planning to go into an Orthodox church which is out on the peninsula. I needed to be in a skirt and have a head covering. So I climbed the stairs like a Russian lady in HEELS!!! I was not the only one that day. It was funny... there were these two young girls talking about me. I heard them clearly say that I was a foreigner but they could not tell where I was from! Maybe America, but they did not think so!!! One of them guessed France and the other England. I keep getting the same two contries. The boys get Canada sometimes... yesterday someone asked Nathan if he was from Ukraine.

After going down the stairs we out the peninsula to the Art gallery and then the church. I took some photos of a few brides and a FEW INSIDE the church. Nathan says I will be "smote" for doing this someday! I don't think God works that way. Tom put on his cross just in case!

After our excursion we decided to eat out at a little Italian restuarant. It was very good! We are enjoying the relaxing time here in Odessa. Hopefully, we will be going home next week and will be hitting the books and getting up early each day for school... and you all know how much Tom and I love getting out of bed before noon!

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