Sunday, June 17, 2007

30 day challenge

This will be my first online challenge... I am hesitant to jump in and be held accountable to it especially since my husband is a regular reader! But, here goes!

Christine over at FruitInSeason is sponsoring a 30 day challenge to honor your husband. Click here to check it out:

or you can see some daily guidelines written by Nancy Leigh DeMoss here:

The guidelines at Fruit In Season are simple enough... so I am choosing for my goal for this week to be simple as well:

* to speak in a respectful loving tone to Tom at all times
* not to complain to him about things he has no control over (like other people, places and things)

After 25 years of marriage I don't believe that there are times when I intentionally dishonor him... this next 30 days however, will keep me more focused on looking for occasions to honor him and I am positive that I will learn a few things about myself along the way!


  1. It's great to have you join! I look forward to reading about ways you're finding to honor your husband more.

  2. Thanks for leaving your comment on my blog earlier! I'm delighted to see all your expat links too. I've got to come back and take a better look around.

    As part of my "honoring my husband" effort this week, I'm seriously curtailing my blogging (sigh), but I know that I've got to do it.

    Blessings on your honoring!

  3. Anonymous1:00 PM


  4. Alida, I'm in too! Thanks for sharing this fantastic challenge with all of us!

    PS-Is it possible that your "anonymous" comment is from your grateful hubby?:)

  5. Great goals for this week!

  6. Allie,

    you are perceptive! The anonymous comment is from Tom!!!

    I think the stress from traveling so much has made both of us more snippy with each other than usual... this will be good for the both of us.

    Blessings to all who are joining in!!!

  7. So good to meet you! This is going to be so encouraging not only to our husbands but us as well. Looking forward to seeing what God does in your marriage!

  8. Here's to both of us keeping our speech in check!
    thanks for stopping by.

  9. Anonymous1:48 AM

    Wow! My wife did GREAT on Day 1! I'm so proud of her.

  10. Even after 25 years, wow! Its inspiring to see women want to strengthen their marriage at all stages of this game. Thanks for sharing!!

  11. I was over on TammyFays blog and saw your comment and thought you looked familiar. You were one of the first blogs that I went to.
    How cool to find you again.