Sunday, June 10, 2007

meeting new people

We ate a great meal with Shirley and Gerry at Brick Oven happily topping it off with Sheridan's Frozen Custard!

It was good to see Tom standing behind the wooden pulpit in their 118 year old sanctuary. The congregation is currently remodeling the property with the men of the church doing the majority of the work themselves.

We loved how they kept the original sanctuary in tact...incredible stained glass windows on each side of the room give the room a peaceful feel. I had not felt that serene since my time in Assisi, Italy. We are eager to return and see how it looks a year from now!

Before leaving Topeka we had lunch at On the Border with Kathy and Ray. We met Kathy's son when we were in Oregon. We are so grateful to Brian for connecting us with the loving, caring congregation we spent time with in Topeka. It reminded me of the church I grew up in... small and close knit like a family.

Today we leave for Edmond, Oklahoma after that we are moving on again. I don't know if I will have internet access for the rest of the week. So, if you don't hear from me just know that we are taking a long overdue mini vacation for just the two of us at a Bed and Breakfast somewhere in the midwest!


  1. Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my blog. Am loving yours - will be making it a daily read ...
    Take care

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!! I have really enjoyed looking yours over, what an exciting life you must have. Enjoy your bed and breakfast treat--how wonderful for you! Please stop by and see me again soon!! Missy Olivo

  3. Hi there! I'm so glad you popped by my blog and left a comment, so that I could hop on over to your blog too and meet another God-fearing couple who are doing their best to introduce others to Him! I'll be back to read more, that's for sure! Enjoy your trip accross USA... :o)

  4. Sandra Good9:43 AM

    Just for fun and usually when I have something better to do, I will put the names of people I know, past & present, in a search engine to see what pops up. Last week, I thought about you & Tom and put your names in. Couldn't find Tom anywhere, but you are all over the place. Good Grief, woman! You must have a 36-hr day to do all you do! It's been fun to catch up on you. I have you bookmarked now & will be looking in often.

  5. Sandra,

    Thanks so much for finding me! I thought of you too when we first got to Wichita.

    I was here for my parents 50th anniversary.

    My days do feel like they are 36 hours long. I started the blog just before our move to Russia. It helps our family and friends feel connected to us even though we are 9000 miles away.

    If you are still in the Wichita area we would love to see you guys. We have been staying with Cathy and Paul L. in Andover. It is so quiet out here!

    you can always email me at

    thanks again!

  6. I saw your site about y'all as missionaries! Awesom!!!!

  7. Wonderful! Have a splendid time! There's nothing like a stay in a nice B&B to make one feel refreshed!

    When I saw your pictures of Greensburg I was shocked! I somehow never head about that tornado...One of my best friends used to live there. I haven't heard from her in a long time but I'm going to call her parents this week.

  8. I know that it is the people of the church that make up the church, but I agree with you. Sometimes I miss the stained glass and the old pipe organ from our Ohio church. It just gave the church...well, it's own personality.

  9. looks like lotsa good eating!

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  11. I love real stained glass windows. They are so beautiful.

    Hope you are enjoying your time alone!