Saturday, June 16, 2007

4 tornados and flood warnings

Sometimes all you want to do is relax. And sometimes relaxation is elusive like a toddler who needs a diaper change but, you have to chase him down before you can accomplish the task.

We went to a B&B. Upon arrival the place looked nothing like the photo on the internet.

The 5000 book library they boasted of were mostly old (not antique) moldy books. Some were falling apart and some smelled so bad we tried not to breathe in as we walked past.

Beautiful woodwork was covered up by too much junk all over the place. Bed bugs visited me as I sat up late that first night reading.

Visiting the bathroom in the night was also an adventure. The bathroom was across the hallway. There were mannequins in various places throughout the halls dressed in period clothing. Can you imagine making a bathroom run and seeing someone standing in front of you silent, smiling, and pointing the way?

The scenic walk the innkeeper told us about was littered with abandoned rusted out cars and a few mobile homes.

As we have traveled booking things on the internet has never been a problem. We should have known there was a problem when people who lived in the area didn't know the place existed!

We were determined however, to make the best of it. We went to visit a local museum, then went into a town 30 miles away to eat and take in a movie. We saw "Knocked Up" and "Oceans 13" neither one of these movies wowed us. We walked around the small mall there and toured the city afterwards. Shortly after dinner it started to rain. We decided we better get back to the B&B.

We drove slowly for over an hour in the thundering rain with 50 mph winds - we had no idea if we could even reach the place. Finally, we pulled over and called, they were just getting back home from chasing tornadoes and didn't see the weather as a problem. Tom expressed his concerned about getting stuck on the long sandy clay drive up to their place. I was supposed to speak at a Women's Bible Study in a city two hours away the next morning and we didn't want to take any chances.

After gathering a few supplies like toothpaste and deodorant, we spent the night in a Motel 6. I have never been so happy about a clean bed and a private bathroom! I got up the next morning preparing to drive in to speak but, when I called Vicky she told me not to worry about coming in. She was more concerned about us getting stuck or not making it than that innkeeper was.

Tom drove back to the B&B, picked up our suitcases and paid for the one night we actually did stay. Maybe we will have better luck next time!


  1. Oh Alida! How terrible! We had all hoped you guys would get a nice break away.

  2. That sounds like a nightmare!!!!

    I hope you did get to relax after that night...?

    dh gets home from Russia tomorrow night! (which means he is starting the journey today) Please pray for safety...he was a little concerned about a prop plane they had to take on one leg of the journey! LOL

  3. DARN
    BIZARRE (the manequin thing...)

    you know you've spent the night in a creepy place when a motel 6 looks like luxury. (i mean, they're fine, but not like luxury.)

    now i want to check out that website again... just to contrast your story with the real deal.

  4. YIKES!!! Poor Alida and Tom!!! I am so sorry about that. What a nightmare. Yeesh.

    I'm hoping that you had a fun time at the Motel 6, they may not have the atmosphere but are usually pretty clean!

  5. Wow! How nice to spiff the place up on the internet. I've been to a couple places like that. Although I think it was a Motel 6 that was the worst place I've ever stayed.

  6. Anonymous6:34 AM

    Alida, what a rotten thing to have happen, bad accommodation and bad weather. Hope things get better quickly!

  7. What a disaster - I'm so sorry you had such an experience. Once when we lived in IN, we were visiting a church in IL, and thought we'd have no problem finding a motel room for the night. Ended up driving around the entire STATE, no rooms, no where! Ended up back in the little town at 3 a.m. sleeping in the car in the parking lot. Went to Hardies and changed clothes in the bathroom Sunday morning. It was awful at the time, but funny now. This will be a story you'll enjoy telling for years:)

  8. Thanks everyone for your support, I was very grateful when we reached our friend's home in Andover... it was an oasis of comfort!

    Now we are in Texas enjoying friends down here as well!

  9. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Oh no!! I just read your So sorry! The manequin thing is too weird. : )

  10. How awful!
    My hubby and I are big fans of B&B's and we have LOVED the one we went to on our honeymoon in MN . . .so it is sad to hear about your experience . . .

    Glad you got a clean bed anyway!