Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The hazards of home assignment #1

What does "home assignment" mean? It means instead of being at work in the country we have been assigned to, we are temporarily assigned to our home country.

For us that means we are here in America for a short time.

What hazards could there possibly be for us in America? Plenty!

The number one hazard of being in America is weight gain!

When we moved to Russia two years ago, what is known today as a small... was a medium.

Portion sizes of food have gotten huge. Tom and I ate at Applebees and don't get me wrong, we loved it... yet, even though we split a dish for dinner we still took almost half of it back to our hotel!

We have had friends who have returned from time in America having gained weight.

I came prepared or so I thought. My number one goal that I set for myself in regards to our time here was... not to gain any weight!

Did I succeed? No!

I gained 9 pounds. Of the 9 pounds I gained while here, over the course of the past three weeks I have lost 5 1/2 of them. I have to carefully control how much I eat, how often I snack and what I eat.

The temptation to eat is huge here.

TV ads jump out at you, print ads in magazines won't leave you alone, radio commercials tempt you to drive through for the latest special.

Food is used for such things as celebrating, welcoming, comforting, giving thanks and greeting! We were at a church in Wichita, Kansas that gave out a gift bag to welcome visitors... inside was a coffee mug, various church flyers and a bag of homemade chocolate chip cookies!

There is always a reason to chow down!

Now you know Hazard Number One of being at home in America... more to be revealed!


  1. HI!
    It must be hard to adjust to different ways of living, here in England food is involved in everything, to cheer up, to celebrate, to socialize and I just love chocolate along with a nice English cup of Tea of course!

    Your jewellry looks nice, it must be lovely to be so creative.

    That anvil in your previous post reminds me of the Tom and Jerry cartoons when I was little - it always fell on one of their heads! charming!

    Have a good week!
    Helen x.

  2. Don't be too hard on yourself about the weight gain. It IS a terrible struggle in a place where we have so much food available! The one nice thing about restaurants serving large portions is that my hubby and I can usually share a meal.

    We have a food bank here in Maui and the grocery stores just got rid of cases of Hershey's bars that they ran out of room for. I think I've gained 9 pounds in 1 day!! Just when I began getting rid of some of the chocolate (giving it away), my little girls' class gave me a bag of Kisses for my birthday!! Yummy, but I'm hoping my arteries stay clean. : )

  3. Yes...I've been told by others that everything in America is so big, and the food is so big, and so much...they are pretty grossed out by it!

    Me, I just keep on eating...;-)

  4. So, that is why I can't lose weight. I guess I'll have to move away to another country to get down to my goal weight.

  5. You didn't do too bad , I don't think. Only 9 pounds and already over half of them gone. I am proud of you. I do know what you mean about large portions though. It's so easy to just stretch your tummy to make those seem "normal" when they shouldn't be normal.

  6. A social event in America isn't really a social event unless there's food involved. At work whenever we're planning an event the first thing everyone wants to do is get a cake.