Friday, June 08, 2007

Driving through Greensburg

Driving through this city was:

mind boggling

Not knowing whether the 54 freeway had reopened near Greensburg or not we set out Friday morning to drive to Andover on our way to Topeka. As we neared Greensburg Tom asked me to get out my camera. Honestly it was difficult to photograph the devastation. I was overwhelmed by what I was seeing... either nothingness or devastation.

As we slowly made our way from one from one end of the city to the other we were practically speechless.

How do you take it all in?

We gazed at buildings with 3 out of 4 walls missing, trees that looked as if they were made for one of the Lord of the Rings movies, hand made signs pointing to where the hospital was set up or where other city services were located.

Continue to pray for the people of Greensburg as they work each day to rebuild and move forward with their lives.


  1. Our Lutheran church there was destroyed. My husband went to seminary with their pastor. We took up a free will offering last week to send them to help church members who need to rebuild their own homes. (They have apparently received enough funds to rebuild the church - thank God!) Your pictures are a great reminder that these disasters live on long after the storms have passed.

  2. wow!!!
    Im praying for all those people
    coming from New Zealand I didnt know anythng about this I did a bit of research on these sites

    and my mouth was hanging open in amazement we dont have tornadoes here in the Hawkes Bay

  3. Thanks, Alida, for this graphic reminder that while our news media has moved on to the next big story-(Paris Hilton!!?!)-these people are still dealing with the devestation of their lives. My heart does indeed go out to them.

  4. Alida, thank you for dropping by my blogs, I'm always so happy to see a new face :)

    I'm loving your blogs and I've added you to my bloglines so I can visit often :)

    Have a wonderful weekend,
    God Bless,

  5. It bothers me that the media doesn't give this much attention. Living out West, I had NO idea, the devestation that has taken place. The only way I knew there was even a storm, was through other peoples blogs.

    This is so sad.


  6. Unbelievable photos. I was born and spent much of my childhood in Kansas. Tornados were an everyday part of life, but I have never seen anything like this.

  7. I grew up in tornado country. It's a horrible feeling to hear those sirens and not know what's going to happen. Stories of babies swept from their mother's clinging arms, houses collapsing...tornadoes are terrifying. I can't imagine how these folks are coping with it. Thanks for sharing the photos. Wish you were coming to CO!