Friday, January 13, 2006

11 months until 25th anniversary

I have a ticker that counts down to our big event. Unfortunately, I have not been able to post it here. I logged on to a message board today and saw that we have 11 months to go. We are thinking of going to St.Petersburg to visit the Hermitage Museum in December. It is the second largest museum in the world. The Louvre being the largest.

It will be a cultural trip too. We keep hearing how different things are in St. Petersburg even though it is still Russia! Several Russians have told us that it is their dream to go there.

Today we have a meeting with our supervisor Dave and will meet his wife Shari for the first time. I can let you know how it went afterwards. They are here visiting from Moscow. The only reason I am not looking forward to going out is due to the ice outside. It is still dangerous to be walking out there!

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