Monday, January 09, 2006

Vacation is Over!

Okay, so nobody is ready to go back to school. But, that is exactly where we will be tomorrow! Lena came over today and worked with us on our vocabulary words and verbs. It was a good language time. She also worked with each person on what they needed help with. We are grateful to have her.

Alexei is teaching at a workshop in Moscow. Please pray for that group.

Lena's mom is visiting from Ukraine. She is staying with Vova and Olya. Olya called and said she will come in to work for us tomorrow. She wanted to spend time with her mother in law today. Tom and I were talking about how great it is that Lena and Olya get along so well. You cannot even apply typical stereotypes to their family. Lena and Olya are really good friends. And that is rare to see with in laws here.

Brownie is not enjoying how cold it is here. I agree with her. Spencer is finally wanting me to make her a sweater. I don't know if I am up to it and she already has a blanket that I made for her in her kennel that she sleeps with! It's a dogs life for sure!

The sleet turned into ice on the streets. Just a short trip to the supermarket is very dangerous. Nathan went with me today to help me carry the groceries home and help me up if I fell. They put down sand here on the streets and sidewalks. Salt is reserved for food and considered to expensive to use on the streets. Tom deiced the church property on Saturday with salt. He spent a few dollars on two bags of salt and salted the driveway and sidewalks three times. When we got to church the next morning everything was perfectly clear and easy to walk on!

Tomorrow we will be getting back to a normal schedule. No more movie marathons! We have to be awake and on the bus bright and early. OY!

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