Sunday, January 01, 2006

January 1st, 2006

Lena and Alexei left our home at three in the morning! Spencer went to bed around 11:30 pm. He had a great meal with us but missed the movie and the fireworks outside on the streets below! Tom fell asleep shortly after our friends went on to the next house. Nathan called just as they were walking out the door to say that he was staying out all night. We had assumed that he would. It was nice to get the call confirming that he was safe with his friends.

I made a peach cobbler, apple pie and some Russian Teacakes for dessert. The cobbler was a big hit. Tom said it was almost as good as Auntie Martha’s is. He says I am getting close! I think he just wants me to keep practicing... he likes to eat the results. Alexei also had seconds of the cobbler. I bought vanilla ice cream to go with it and it was tasty!

We watched a traditional Russian movie, took a 20-minute break to watch the fireworks on the streets outside and then returned to the movie. Being on the fourth floor was great. We had a safe place to view the fireworks. Some people were shooting fireworks off their balconies. We just kept our windows closed and watched in awe! Alexei called several different groups of young guys hooligans! They were getting more and more daring as they lit each one. With having the fireworks here for purchase coming from China, it was such a beautiful and powerful array of fireworks. We did not see anything professional like we have seen on the Fourth of July in America... set to music and all. Just groups of families and friends putting on their own shows!

Church was interesting. Klaus was speaking. Loud booming fireworks were going off outside and children were crying in the mother’s room. Try listening to a sermon in Russian while all chaos is breaking loose around you! I think Klaus was talking about being a new person... I told Klaus he did a good job keeping his focus during all that.

Tom and I just got a rough copy of the English version of the movie Klaus is making about the church. Why did we get a copy? Our voices are the doing the English! We are helping with editing. We look forward to being able to share the movie with you all so that you can see what the church is dong!

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