Saturday, January 28, 2006


-10 degree Celsius = 14 degree Fahrenheit

We are finally warming up here! Each day seems to be getting warmer. Tom is not convinced it is warm.... the snow is still on the ground and it is still cold out there.

Our dog is not convinced either. She does not want to go for a walk. She will potty and go right back inside! Right now she is in our bedroom laying on the floor in the sunshine. She likes to get close to the radiator and snuggle up in a ball and sleep. She is 9 years old so her arthritis could be acting up!

Nathan and Tom are still sick. Nathan has been in bed all week and whatever he has he must have given it to Tom. Spencer just had a little stomach flu and was back up the next day. I am grateful to be healthy. My wrist is much better and I am able to get out and purchase food and come home to cook!

I have to go through my recipes today and see if I can find Mom's recipe for M&M cookies. I bought some M&M's and thought it would be a good treat. I used the chocolate chips I got from Janet to make blonde brownies. Tom let Olya have some and she was surprised... first of all she confirmed that our dog was still alive. Tom told her they were brownies and our dog's name is Brownie! She said every American who had given her brownies before made them dark. Tom had to explain that these are called "Blonde Brownies" and they are lighter in color.

I found split peas here and was able to make Split Pea and ham soup. We can also get cream of mushroom soup here now! Think of how many reicipes you might have that call for Cream of Mushroom soup... it is a hard ingredient to replace!

We were supposed to go bowling today but the bowling alley triples the price on the weekend so we will try next Friday.

Tom had some jewelry sales this month so we are using that money to buy an electric radiator for a family in need of heat. They live on the first floor of their building and close to the entrance where the door keeps opening and closing. They have to wear their coats inside to stay warm!

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