Friday, January 20, 2006

O Christmas trees!

Here is a babushka burning old Christmas. She kept throwing them on the pile and the flames would get higher and higher. Trash is still burned here on the streets. I remember when I was growing up and my grandmother had an old metal barrel that all the trash was burned in. Then the environmental movement started and people no longer burned their own trash anymore. I remember not being allowed to go near that trash barrel. But, here it is out in the open where anyone can walk by.

This is the field that the trees were being burned in. We watch children play soccer or (now) hockey on this field.

It is very cold here now. And these boys are out there having a good time... while we watch from the warmth of our apartment.

Today's temperature had Olya and Lena complaining about how cold it is. Remember this is the warm part of Russia. Normally, it snows and does not stick. We have had snow on the ground for about two weeks now. Today the wind kicked up and it was "a nightmare"(kazh-MAR). None of us went to work today. Spencer got a call from Judi H. to tell him not to come in for the Children's Home. She had been out with Mikey and it took them over an hour to walk home. We have to walk slowly and deliberately here to avoid falling on the icy sidewalks and roads.

Olya said that Vova had a hard time driving on the ice today. He said it was "OO-zhas" (Horrible). I am sure our friends and family in California are enjoying the weather there. The only person I know who is loving the Krasnodar weather right now is Michelle. It reminds her of her home in Canada!

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